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6 best summer products brightening mask and compote foam

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mask and compote foam

Over the two summer months of summer, Nastya Suraeva managed to try many different cans “from everything and for everything.” But she will continue to use these both in autumn and winter.

Renewing night mask White Plus, Clarins

When everyone started releasing night masks (when? 10 years ago?), I did not understand how they differed from creams, except that, as a rule, they are sticky. For all the time I fell in love with only green Kiehl’s , which made smooth, fair skin overnight.

White Plus is similar in effect, and not sticky. According to the description, it should work due to the extract of cherries, torichnik (a flower growing along the shores of the seas) and Engelhardia. Engelhardia is a tree from the walnut family that already existed 25 million years ago. Every time I google unknown extracts, I learn something new from botany.

I will assume that the mask works primarily not because of these cool extracts, but due to vitamin C (ascorbyl glucoside), which is in third place in the composition.

During the night, the mask brightens the tone, tightens the pores and makes the face cheerful. In the summer, when I only have bakuchiol and light acids (lactic, almond) from the assets, the effect is noticeable.

Face cream Eternal Cream, Skeyndor

This cream also contains a bunch of extracts: lupine, lavender, fennel and a dozen more. But besides them, 3 forms of vitamin C are hidden in the composition (ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate – one of the most stable, ascorbyl palmitate, ascorbic acid) and apple extract. The latter should increase the synthesis of aquaporins. These are nanochannels – the only way for water in the skin from outside to inside, and not vice versa. It is rarely taken out of the composition in the description, but I rejoice when I find it.

A pump dispenser (I love these) squeezes out the cream with a flower (thank you! garbage, but nice). For one use, half a press on the flower dispenser is enough for me. Eternal Cream is rich, you need less than average.

Does everything I expect from a cream: hydrated tight skin with a healthy lipid barrier.

Hydrophilic oil Herbgreen Cleansing Oil, Ma:nyo

There is no inner graph maniac in me who can write a few paragraphs about hydrophilic oil. I wash off the sunscreen with it, it copes with even the most sticky ones, those on physical filters. Doesn’t leave a film at all. To the touch, I would never have believed that the second stage of washing was skipped. It smells great of pharmaceutical herbs.

Bakuchiol Complete Serum and Brilliancy Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil, Cosmedix

I already wrote that since the moment the assortment of cosmetics has decreased, I often choose my favorite old, and not incomprehensible new. Although earlier research interest always won.

But this summer, I didn’t see a single new product with bakuchiol that I would like to believe in. Therefore, I repeated Cosmedix, which was already in the best of the month and in the best of the year .

Bakuchiol in this serum works no worse than classic retinol, I don’t see a regression when replacing one with the second for the summer period. And my skin is really so-so, it behaves well and feels only with the right care. As soon as some asset does not work as stated, I immediately notice it.

Radiance oil contains vitamin C in two forms: 3% pure ascorbic acid and tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, its most stable form at the moment. 3% is great for the summer, because this concentration works as an antioxidant (above 10% – like peeling). But you still need to use sunscreen, because vitamin C is destroyed by ultraviolet radiation.

The oily texture is not nasty – a pleasant gel oil. After application, you do not have to wait, you can immediately apply the cream (after some oils, I wait 30 minutes, or even an hour).

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