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Valentine’s Gift Guide for 7 Types of Couples

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Valentine's Gift Guide for 7 Types of Couples

No matter how well you know your partner, coming up with the perfect Valentine’s gift is not always an easy task. Therefore, this list of original ideas for February 14 will be your perfect ally to surprise your partner. Or to your customers in your online store.

This idea guide has it all: from T-shirts for couples who want to match and accessories for inseparable hobby partners to cushions and other small home accessories that you won’t want to miss.

So, pay attention and get inspired, because in addition to an original gift for Valentine’s Day, you can find many types of details to celebrate any special date . Perhaps the next birthday gift for your partner or the perfect complement to your wedding looks are on this list.

Go to the gifts section of this article that interests you the most and let your imagination run wild with your designs!

1. Original gift ideas for very romantic couples 

Matching coordinated garments

We must admit it: maybe we are starting with the most cheesy option, but we love the idea of ​​creating two looks that complement each other. And not only for Valentine’s Day, coordinated outfits can also work very well on special occasions, even at a wedding!

Surely you have ever seen a wedding couple wearing jean jackets with embroidery on the back . Mr. / Mrs., Mr. / Mrs. , Husband / Wife, Groom / Bride and all their possible combinations are just a few examples, but any phrase or word that is meaningful to you will be a hit.

o coordinate two looks, it is not necessary that both garments be the same or say exactly the same thing. Each garment will be unique, just like you!

Here are some of our favorite options for coordinating looks:

  • Unisex denim jacket , available in three colors (white, blue and black) and with a fairly large embroidery surface on the back. A great option for both text and not very intricate designs!
  • Unisex Bomber Jacket : This super soft, premium quality garment allows for a small embroidery on the left chest. Regarding this location, we imagine it with a red heart design.
  • Embroidered patches , a very versatile option to add to your favorite clothes and make them complement each other in a discreet way. Best of all, since they are thermo-adhesive, they are super easy to apply.

2. Boyfriends with a sense of humor? Take advantage of your most original couple photos

All-over clothing and t-shirts for fun couples

Do you want to leave your partner speechless or, much better, cause him to have a fit of laughter? Search your image gallery for your craziest, most delirious and fun photos and use them to personalize garments with all-over printing.

As this technique reproduces the pattern of your design or photograph on the entire garment , the result is very striking. We guarantee that your products will cause a sensation on your social networks.

This is how fun the products designed by  look with photos of him, his partner, and even his cat!

Immerse yourself in our collections of personalized clothing with all-over printing and choose the clothes and accessories that best fit your couple’s style:

  • Personalized clothing with all-over printing for men
  • Personalized clothing with all-over printing for women

How do you think he would react to seeing your face printed on his new boxer shorts? In this tutorial, we explain step by step how to create your all-over print clothing on the with just a few clicks.

Other personalized gifts with photos

A photograph makes you remember a moment from the past: a trip, a special meal, a unique experience, a music concert or a wedding.

Personalizing your gifts with the most valuable photos with your partner is an unforgettable gift . You will get him excited by reliving that moment in the photo!

A set of postcards with photos of your trips and favorite moments will be the perfect complement to any Valentine’s gift.

In addition to these wall décor items , here are some of our favorite customizable gifts you can personalize with photos: 

  • Mobile covers . You can add an image of the two of you, a photo of your pet, children or any other unforgettable memory. 
  • Postcard . Add images or messages to the postcards and, once printed, to commemorate those moments, write a romantic phrase or a very special dedication with the date on the back.

You can also create a photo album with memories of trips, dinners, hangouts with friends, concerts… A place to remember everything you’ve lived together!

3. Brilliant personalized gifts for couples who share a hobby

AirPods Case

Is your partner one of those who cannot live apart from their headphones? If music accompanies you in every step you take, look no further, because we have the gift that will leave a mark. 

Decorate an AirPods case with your own design and let your partner take you wherever they go. You can add some special element for you such as a musical instrument, your initials or a photo of that trip that you have to repeat. 

Without a doubt, a case that no one will have the same!

Gaming mouse pad

You and your partner cannot separate yourself from the console controller and you love spending time playing games together. We know. If you are gamers and you know that your special person needs to have the setup of their dreams, do not hesitate to complement their professional game station with a wide and comfortable gaming mouse pad. 

You can customize its entire surface, so take the opportunity to create a design inspired by your favorite video game or some time you’ve shared playing together. 

4. Gifts for homey and practical couples

Clothes to be at home

If something has become clear to us in recent years, it is that we need comfortable clothes to be able to be at home. And for this reason, comfortable or comfy clothing is a trend that is consolidating . 

Whether you work from home or want to relax at home watching a movie in company, comfortable and loose clothing is your best choice.

We bring you some ideas for homewear gifts :

  • Unisex long-sleeved t-shirt , perfect for staying warm at home. 
  • All-over print unisex hooded sweatshirt , ideal for adding your design to the entire garment.
  • All-over sweatpants for men and women , whether to play sports or be comfortable, print the entire garment with your design and mark your style from your living room. 
  • Organic cotton T-shirt dress , light, fresh and ecological: the ideal product to surprise your girlfriend with a unique design. 
  • Sublimated socks , an essential accessory in any wardrobe; put funny pictures of your faces on them and create a funny gift for your partner.

Choose your favorite product and start personalizing your Valentine’s gift to be at home!

Articles to dress the home

Does your partner like coffee? And cook delicious meals? Or is it more of lying on the couch and watching movies?

If you have recently lived together or have a move on the horizon , this type of gift is going to come in handy.

  • Keychains : although at first glance it does not seem like the most romantic gift, what is important is the meaning that a piece like this can contain. What if you plan to accompany it with a proposal for the future, do you already see it with different eyes? 
  • Mugs , essential for breakfast, with coffee, tea or chocolate, or simply, to enjoy a snack in good company. Discover our models of mugs: colored, white, magical or enameled!
  • Cushions or cushion covers , essential on the sofa or bed at home. 
  • Blankets , perfect to add a great design and protect you from the cold in winter.
  • Towels , useful for day to day or to go to the beach and the pool. Imagine your partner wearing your design on their towel while sunbathing!
  • Scented candles, the accessory that cannot be missing from your table if you are planning a romantic dinner or even a surprise picnic at home! Add it to the gift kit for your partner.

As you can see, with product customization you can find many ways to leave your half lemon speechless.

5. Details for couples who love art and culture

Wall decoration

If art runs through your partner’s veins, a trip to the theater, visiting an exhibition, buying a couple of tickets to a concert, taking dance classes or sharing a good book will open the doors of his heart.

But if, in addition to an artistic experience, you want to give him a Valentine’s gift that will last a lifetime , why not add a design created by you to a product that decorates your home?

6. Sporting goods, the best gift for fit couples


Some of the purposes of many when the new year arrives are to do more sports, join the gym, go for a run every day, practice yoga for half an hour a day… Do they ring a bell?

If you or your partner find it difficult to launch into the world of sports, we propose the perfect solution:

  1. Choose the products you want to create a sportswear outfit: leggings, an organic cotton sweatshirt, sports shorts, a breathable t-shirt, a sports bra…
  2. Customize sportswear with your designs. 
  3. Surprise your partner with this gift and propose a getaway to the mountains. You can also give him a gym bonus for a month.
  4. And enjoy the sport together!

7. Gifts for responsible couples with the planet

Organic products 

If your partner is a faithful defender of the environment and sustainable fashion , our collection of personalized ecological products will be a winning bet.

Did you know that our marbled iPhone cases are made with soil, onions, carrots, pepper, sawdust, rice, soybeans and wheat? And they are also resistant and durable!

Here we bring you some eco gift ideas:

  • Marbled iPhone case . You’ll find all the inspiration you need in our Design Maker’s gallery of free cliparts.
  • Stainless steel bottle , the most practical solution to say goodbye to plastic bottles: it also maintains the temperature of both hot and cold drinks for up to 6 hours. 
  • Organic cap . Do you have a phrase in common that only you know? Embroider it on this hat for winter! 
  • Unisex organic cotton t-shirt , a basic in everyone’s wardrobe. Create a matching pair of t-shirts with all the options in our Design Builder. 
  • Sweatshirt dress , warm, comfortable and perfect for winter. 
  • Organic denim tote bag , your ally for casual looks, shopping, going to the gym or any other day-to-day activity.

Bonus track: Gifts for friends?

If you don’t have a partner, you may already know that February 14 is considered the Day of Love and Friendship in many countries and that, in others, the 13th is celebrated as Single’s Day. What better occasion to get together with your friends and have a small detail with them?

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