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If you are tired of a simple one-color coating, and nail art with rhinestones and sparkles seems too tasteless and primitive, I have found for you some stylish and elegant ideas that you should try to translate into reality this winter.

Tortoise shell

A stylish idea that will perfectly fit into the beige-brown range of your images. However, such a pattern will look organically with any shades of clothing. It is important that the structure of the pattern is blurry and translucent, similar to a cut of a tortoiseshell, and not like a leopard print. Such a pattern can be either a full coverage or an accent on a neutral base color.

Funny dots

For those who prefer a cheerful style in clothes, a similar cheerful manicure with colored dots is also suitable. The dots can be in the same color, or you can make them different colors. What’s great about this idea is that it’s easy to implement on your own at home.

Mistress of Copper Mountain

A complex, but very beautiful effect of natural stone – it looks stylish and unusual. From marble veins, to the sparkle of opal, from tone transitions, as in onyx or amber, to shimmering sparks, like aventurine.

Peach branch

Delicate branches with leaves and flowers – an idea just for spring? Not at all. In contrast to warm cozy sweaters, with such a thin pattern on the nails, your fingers and hands will look even more graceful. The main thing is gentle shades and that the pattern is not too large.

No man’s land

Nude shades are a universal manicure solution that will suit any style and situation. But if just nude seems too boring for you, you can add a little accent to it. Most importantly, do not forget about the sense of proportion.

Iris and caramel

The transition from tone to tone within the same color range is not a new technique. But this season it is relevant if this color scheme is beige-brown. Nails then look like chocolate and milk toffees.

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