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Suitcase looks holidays summer

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summer vacation suitcase

Summer has arrived and that can only mean one thing: vacation! Are you ready to feel the sand between your toes and the sun hugging your skin?

We are, and we are here to help you pack the perfect suitcase to enjoy your summer adventures in style and without stress!

Don’t worry, because summer vacations are not just about paradisiacal beaches. There are plenty of great ways to enjoy the heat, and each type of getaway deserves its own custom suitcase. So, take note of the advice of our style experts, because we are going to take this vacation by storm. It’s time to shine in the sun and create unforgettable memories!

Tips to prepare your summer vacation suitcase

Let’s put everything in that suitcase, without fear! Don’t underestimate the power of smart folding, it’s like a game of Tetris with your favorite clothes. Space is not a problem when you know how to organize it! Now, take a deep breath and forget about the rush. Packing is an art, and like any art, it takes time and dedication. So put on your favorite song, enjoy the process, and think about every occasion and destination. Sunny beach? Bring all the bathing suits and flip flops you can! City full of glamor? Do not forget those elegant outfits for party nights. And remember, weather is key, so do a little research before you start packing. We’re ready to rock this holiday season!

Your vacation suitcase to go to the beach

If you go to the beach, get ready to live life in a bathing suit! Prepare your swimsuits and the clothes with which you will make the way from the hotel to the beach. For the rest of your outfits, go for something light and uncomplicated. A little summer dress, a short jumpsuit, or a big and casual shirt will be your best allies. But wait, don’t forget something more elegant for dinner parties or those crazy nights. The trick is to wear versatile clothes that you can combine in a thousand different ways! Oh! Important: Don’t forget your flip-flops and that magical toiletry bag with all the essential products to face the sun, including sunscreen, of course! And don’t forget your sunglasses and a stylish hat to complete your beach look. It will protect not only your skin from the sun, but also your hair.

Look for the beach vacation

Ready for the beach! Our star look for beach paradise includes super comfortable cotton shorts, and a yellow top that will make you shine in the sun. Don’t forget some of the coolest sandals , and a straw bag that will be your faithful companion on adventures. In it you can store everything from your beach towel to that book that has you trapped. And don’t forget some fun sunglasses to complete your beach look with a touch of freshness. Ready to look radiant in the arena!

Your vacation suitcase to visit a city

Ready to explore the city! If you have plans to conquer the streets this summer, it’s time to organize your suitcase in a smart way. First, remember to travel light so you can get around with ease. Second, be prepared for any situation, from long walks in the sun, to nights out in style. Do your homework by researching the places you’ll be visiting and planning your looks in advance. You will be ready for any occasion that presents itself! Do not forget your most comfortable shoes to walk all day, and a great hat to protect you from the sun. Ready to conquer the city with style and without worries!

City ​​look

Let’s explore the city in style and comfort! We have prepared the perfect look for your urban adventures. Imagine flowy wide-legged pants that allow you to move freely and an infallible basic: a white top that combines with everything. Top this combo with ultra-comfortable sneakers or flat sandals (no blisters on your feet!) and you’ll be ready to walk non-stop. And to carry all your things in a practical way, a backpack will be your perfect complement. Now yes, you are ready to conquer the streets with style and enjoy your days in the city to the fullest!

Your country holiday suitcase

Get ready to enjoy country charm in style! If you have chosen to spend your summer holidays in a country setting, it is time to prepare the perfect suitcase. You’ll need practical and comfortable clothing for your outdoor adventures, but you’ll also want to look romantic and feminine in keeping with the setting. Floral dresses, blouses with shorts, and flat sandals will be your best allies! And here’s a pro tip: Instead of a hat, opt for silk scarves to wrap around your head. They will not only protect you from the sun, but will also add a modern and feminine touch to your outfits. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with style and elegance!

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