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What is boho style?

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What is boho style?

The boho style is romantic, comfortable and original in equal measure. The perfect recipe to define a very personal, creative and relaxed style.

The bohemian style is not a way of dressing in which freedom and naturalness take the lead. Bohemian fashion mixes colours, periods, styles, fabrics, accessories… Always with an organic and natural result, but with a wild character.

How did the boho style come about?

Bohemian fashion was born in Paris at the hands of artists, intellectuals and writers who did not hesitate to be inspired by the style of the nomadic gypsies who came from the Bohemian region, in eastern Europe. Hence the name bohemian style.

In the middle of the s. In the XIX century, the romantics took over the baton and, in the sixties, with the Vietnam war as a trigger, the hippie movement ended up completing a style that continues to this day.

How to get a boho look?

From Lookiero today we bring you five key recommendations to achieve a boho look with style and success. Take note!

  1. Bet on rustic and artisan touches with pieces of thread, denim, suede or crochet. Patchwork and fringes are also great allies in boho chic fashion.
  2. Fluid and long cuts bring movement to the free spirit of the boho look and are always a good option. Skirts, dresses, overalls, smocks and kimonos are key garments.
  3. As for color, in the palette we find everything from toasted and brown, to indigo blue.
  4. Accessories stop complementing and become a key piece: hats, bags, cowboy boots… The more exotic and authentic the garment, the better, so make room in your suitcase and take advantage of your trips to build your wardrobe.
  5. Garments with peasant, medieval, gypsy or even historicist touches are perfect. We are talking about skirts, Thai sarongs, vintage uniform jackets and even ponchos, which combined with basic garments, will give us spectacular looks.

Boho style types and icons

  • Boho-minimal : Jane Birkin could undoubtedly be the first boho girl, with a very particular minimal style, she touched the bones of an entire urban tribe inspired by Paris.
  • Boho-glam : Kate Moss reinvents everything she touches and boho was no less, a more glam boho understood only as she knows how, through rebellion and top-trend garments with retro airs.
  • Boho-chic : Sienna Miller banishes the Parisian boho, and transforms it into the UK boho. She is a lover of denim and floral prints with urban and chic touches, she is already a benchmark for this style worldwide.
  • Boh-street: Erin Wasson, for her part, brings us closer to an American boho street, a fusion between hippie and cowboy inspiration that opts for tanned leather garments and rough jeans.
  • Boho-hipster : Zoe Kravitz is the example of boho brought to all dimensions of your life. Hipster in the closet and in her day to day, we can say that practically all of her wardrobe breathes boho airs. Vintage clothes and maxi coats made of fur, fringes and even feathers are some of her must-haves.
  • Florence Welch is another example of 100% real boho, she embodies the image and essence of the highest values ​​of this style. Flowers, kimonos and her hair as a sign of identity, create a look that we would recognize even from behind!

Boho-chic style clothing and accessories

Like any style, this one has its preferences in terms of clothing, and in the case of the boho style, skirts, dresses, vests, and flared jeans will be the most iconic items of an authentic boho look.
As for accessories: Hats, maxi belts, necklaces, large earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, feathers, always flat shoes, country ankle boots… here the options are countless, and this is something that we love!

Boho style tops and blouses

  • Printed blouses are a must in the boho wardrobe. The most typical prints of the bohemian style are usually flowers or geometric shapes, the bigger the better. As for the color, always choose earth tones, and if possible, that the blouse has an original neckline or detail (ruffles, lace, etc.)
  • Crochet Tops – This is the perfect choice for summer. Crochet and macramé impregnate the looks with romanticism and are usually easy to combine with jeans and patterned skirts.
  • Denim shirts: it seems like a casual style garment, but have you tried wearing it with a flowing skirt? It’s the perfect boho look! In addition, they are very versatile: you can wear them with pants, leave them open with a top underneath, tie them at the waist if you feel like framing your silhouette…

Boho chic style skirts

  • Midi skirts: if you feel like taking your boho style to its fullest, then get a midi skirt. What’s more, choose one with buttons in front, that is high on the waist and without prints. It better have some earth tone like caldera, brown or raw.
  • Miniskirts: if you like to show off your legs, miniskirts are ideal, especially in summer. One of flowers would be ideal to create boho looks, especially if they are tiny and of many colors. With a crop top you will be ready to go out!
  • Denim skirts: this garment comes from the casual style , but combined with a printed blouse or shirt, you can create your own boho style in a few steps. Complete the outfit with cowboy boots and a fringed bag, a combination that is pure trend.

Bohemian dresses

  • Maxi dresses: it is the most iconic garment of the boho style and also, they are wonderful for the summer season. The best bohemian prints to choose a dress are flowers, ethnic and paisley structures, tie dye and, of course, earth and nature colors.
  • Wrap dresses: the wrap dress can be mini or midi, printed or in a single color, unlike maxi dresses, where details do matter.
  • Denim dresses: this option is very practical and you can wear it both in summer and in between seasons. All you have to do is wear a t-shirt under the dress to create layers.

Bohemian Jeans and Pants

  • Denim: jeans are a basic garment that can be used to create looks of any style. The important thing in this case is to find a model according to the boho style. The most retro are the bell or flare pants, and the boot cut. They fit very well and you will only have to combine them with a printed blouse.
  • Printed pants: if you don’t feel like wearing a skirt, the pants have the same boho effect if you choose them with chaotic prints: flowers, paisley, ethnic… If you dare, you can also combine them with printed blouses. For more basic looks, stick with a top in neutral tones.
  • Paper bag pants: this type of pants is very practical and looks good on any silhouette, as they frame the waist and make the legs appear longer. Choose one in earth tones such as beige or camel and combine it with a printed blouse.

Boho style accessories and footwear

  • Fringed bag: it is the quintessential boho accessory. Even if you wear a basic outfit, this accessory will give you an immediate boho look. You decide the color, but it better be neutral, to be able to combine it with more clothes.
  • Boots: it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, boots are always present in fans of the boho style since they look good with both jeans and a dress. When choosing them, it is better that they be cowboy-type, both high and ankle-high and made of a material such as suede.
  • Scarves: it is the perfect accessory for the summer, because it will help you to give your outfits a twist of style. If you put them in your hair to pick it up, they will become complete protagonists. Choose one of colors and pattern so that it does not go unnoticed.

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