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For a long time there were no fashion reviews in this blog. My life has now turned around sharply, and beautiful dresses have been left somewhere overboard. But today I realized that I want to write about them. I decided that the resurgence of interest in dresses, fashion and style is important to me now. Therefore, for you a small review of the outfits that I liked at the Golden Globe ceremony

The main queen of the evening for me was definitely Rihanna in her chic outfit from Schiaparelli. A dress for a real diva, and, importantly, Rihanna in this dress carries herself like a diva.

If Rihanna’s black dress is the case when the image absolutely falls into character, then this can not be said about Julia Garner at all. Her dress itself can not be called unsuccessful. But all this tenderness contrasts very strongly with the rather sharp features of the girl’s face. If the top of the dress were left unchanged, and instead of flounces, something straight or even a fringe in the spirit of the roaring twenties would be made to look more organic.

A girl like Hanna Einbinder is always a little easier in this regard. Her appearance allows you to “play princess” as much as you like in the appropriate type of dresses. (however, she would look just as good in a trouser suit. There is a certain versatility in her) Yes, perhaps such a move will seem boring to someone: a traditional cut, details without any surprises. But at the same time, it is also something that is hard to go wrong with.

But Jenna Ortega chose a dress with which it is very easy to make a mistake. Which is what she ended up with. Firstly, it seems that the actress is clearly not tall enough for such a dress. I know for myself how great the temptation is, having sufficient thinness, to take things directly from the podium. But what looks great on tall models does not always look good on petite girls without additional adaptation/fitting. Plus, the makeup isn’t very good. From her expressive face, the actress simply made the image of a faceless “cutie”. But who knows, maybe that’s what she had in mind.

Another example of a not-so-successful outfit is Anya Taylor-Joy. A very complex color. At first glance, it suits her skin. But it seems to me that something more classic would have looked better for Anya in such a color. The sharp architecture of the skirt and top in this lemon shade would look good on the skin of a darker / warmer shade. Plus, I can’t help but pay attention to posture. Look at this position of the head – the neck seems to be shifted forward. I looked at several photos, and there is often a similar position. It’s not very pretty, but it’s also not very good for health. Because such a line of the neck means problems with the blood supply to the head, as well as the appearance of a “hump” with age. By the way, if you are not aware, my main activity today is online training, including for a beautiful, healthy back and correct posture. That’s why, Facebook page .

In general, owners of fair skin need to be more careful with light shades. Wrong tone in combination with nudity – and now you already look too naked, moreover, this one does not look seductive, but somehow pitiful. However, Michelle Williams managed to avoid this. First, the color of the dress is very well chosen. Moreover, the silver edging on all frills emphasizes the lines of the cut and does not allow the dress to merge with the body. Secondly, in this dress the body is open very moderately. Which is clearly more relevant today than a large amount of nudity.

Another dress that I liked is the Viola Davis outfit from Jason Wu. Sculptural drapery that makes a Greek goddess out of a woman. That’s just the shade, material and minimalism of the dress do not forgive flaws. Many stars got caught in the rain that day or wet the hems of their dresses. But only Viola’s dress looks the most affected by this trouble.

And Michelle Yeoh’s dress closes today’s text. I liked it very much. The combination of material and silhouette is simply incredible. The only thing I can not decide whether I like the styling of the actress or not. On the one hand, it seems that this long hair makes it difficult to fully perceive the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe dress. On the other hand, I’m not sure that completely slicked back hair would be good here. Of course, a short haircut is perfect for such a dress, but having a haircut under a dress is, you see, already too much 🙂

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