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How to style bootcut jeans

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How to style bootcut jeans

We know that you think about it every time you search for the perfect jeans… There are tons of models and finding the right one for you is an arduous task. In today’s post we want to analyze the model par excellence for all types of silhouettes: the bootcut.

What are bootcut jeans?

Evergreen, practical, versatile, fresh. That’s what comes to mind when we think of bootcut jeans. This model can be high, medium or low waisted, it is tight on the hips and thighs, but it flares from the knee to the ankle. As it is cropped, it can be difficult to choose the type of shoe , but after reading this guide you will have no more doubts.

Born into a time of heightened self-expression, bootcut jeans burst onto the scene in the 1960s as part of the counterculture movement. It was an era of challenging the status quo by all means, including fashion. And so the custom jean was born, famous for its raw hems, DIY patchwork and brightly colored embroidery. Kids and suburbanites alike began splitting the seams on their straight-leg jeans and widening the leg openings by sewing panels of different fabrics together—the ideal fit to wear with boots. This impromptu look eventually evolved into the flared and bootcut jeans as we know them today. Interesting, right?

Difference Between Bootcut and Flare

To an untrained eye it may seem that bootcut and flares are the same, but if you look closely you will notice that the two models are very different and choosing one or the other can change everything. As we mentioned before, the bootcut fits the hips and thighs, and widens from the knee to the ankle. The main difference is that flared pants are baggy and flare from the knee to the hem, much wider than the bootcut. The fact that the flared pants are not cropped makes them easier to wear and perfect for verticalizing the figure and making the legs appear longer. Small details that make a big difference. All this without forgetting that bootcuts can help you achieve the same effect, just a matter of using them with the right footwear.

Which silhouette wears the bootcut better?

We firmly believe that this model can be worn by everyone, because it is super flattering and versatile, which means that it is perfect for every occasion, from work, to a walk in the park, or a night out. Women with a triangle shape will be amazed when they see this fitted fit: the fact that it’s tighter on the hips is balanced by the flared leg, creating a harmonious and flattering silhouette reminiscent of the “perfect” hourglass figure. . If you’re short and worried that the cropped look will make you look even shorter, fear not, you just need to wear the right shoes. Our recommendation? Ankle boots or nude sandals that will help you visually gain a few extra centimeters.

Outfits with bootcut jeans

Now that you know everything about bootcut jeans, all you need is to get inspired to create the best looks. We chose French icon Jeanne Damas to show you three different ways to wear this denim, for three different occasions. The model and designer is an example of how to wear bootcuts using them daily in a super feminine way and with a French glam touch. Ready to get inspired?

Casual look with bootcut jeans

For a casual look, Jeanne decided to combine the bootcut jeans in a light shade with a feminine blouse, a perfect combination for the spring months. Adding sneakers is a good way to enhance the sporty look, although the truth is that this outfit works well with any type of footwear. We have chosen to complete it with a light coat, perfect for day to day, and the bag gives it a chic and modern touch that we are sure you will love.

Classic look with bootcut jeans

This outfit is perfect for those who do not want to give up denim even on the most formal occasions. Is it your case? Well, very attentive. We recreated Jeanne’s look by pairing a darker shade of bootcut jean with a flowy top (the bow at the front is optional, but we recommend it if you want that feminine vibe). The blazer will give it a classic touch, and combined with the singback, everything is harmonious and classy. Perfectly perfect!

Evening look with bootcut jeans

Who said you can’t wear denim at night? From Lookiero we encourage you to do it, combining a lurex top (that gives a shiny touch to your night) and your favorite biker. For accessories, we recommend some nude sandals that will help you verticalize your figure and lengthen your legs, and a simple mini bag to store the essentials. The look with which Jeanne would go out to a girls’ night without a doubt!

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