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Fashion dictionary

Fashion dictionary

I have decided to create a dictionary/glossary on the most frequent terms used in the world of fashion. Welcome to the 2021 fashion dictionary.


Alexa : Burberry bag created in honor of the it girl Alexa Chung.
Alpaca : Cloth made from the hair of the ruminant of the same name that lives mainly in South America.


Blazer : Anglo-Saxon term to define an American.
Brocade : Silk fabric interwoven with gold or silver, so that the metal forms flowers or briscate drawings on the upper face.
Babydoll : Style based on childhood and dolls. Use embroidery, bows, ruffles… etc.
Bandeau : Very short band or top that covers the chest
Borsalino : Hat with a ribbon at its base
Biker : Leather jacket
Boho : Bohemian or hippie style of dress.
Boyfriend : Applied to clothing, it refers to what has a masculine cut.

Camel : Light brown
Cardigan : Knitted jacket, cardigan.
Casual : Casual style.
Chic : Something or someone elegant and stylish.
Choker : Choker.
Clutch : It is a small handbag or handbag.
Coolhunter : That person who looks for the latest fashion trends in the streets of the main cities of the world.
Crop Top : Crop top with which the gut is visible.
Cashmere : Goat hair fabric sometimes mixed with wool. Very fine wool fabric made from a cashmere goat. It is also colloquially called cashmere.
Crepe: Wool, silk or cotton fabric, with a rough surface.
Chiffon : Textured fabric, generally very soft; it can be silk, cotton or velvet. Rayon is also used. Simple plain knit fabric, its faces are different from each other unlike the interlock.
Chino : Baggy men’s trousers.
Chintz : Cotton fabric with a glossy finish, usually printed with long floral motifs.
Customize or Customized : Adapt or transform a product or service (preferably at home) to the taste or needs of the user, personalizing the new garment. (From English: to customize: make to measure, personalized).
Cut out :Garment that has openings on the sides or in the back.


Damascus : Strong fabric of silk or wool and with patterns formed with the fabric. Strong silk or wool fabric, with patterns formed with the fabric and whose shine distinguishes them from the background.
Denim : Denim fabric. (It comes from the contraction “de Nimes” which is the city in the south of France where the aforementioned fabric was created).
Deconstructed : When a garment seems to have been made without any pattern since the traditional cuts required for that type of garment are not used.
Dubetina : Pile fabric similar to velvet but knitted.
Dye : Acronym for “do it yourself” or do it yourself. It comes hand in hand with customizing.
Dress code : Dress code for every occasion


Lace : it is a delicate fabric that is made with sewing needles, machine or bobbin and that makes the shape of flowers or other figures. Total trend this season.
Halter neckline : More than a neckline, it is a type of cut that exposes the arms, shoulders and back. It fastens at the back of the neck. It is very suitable for women with a good figure, and it helps to hide the generous bust.
Strapless neckline : It is the best known neckline and one of the most used. Ideal for
women with little bust, although it favors all types of women. It is straight, both in the front and the back, without straps. One falls three fingers below the shoulder. It is elegant, discreet and is widely used in wedding dresses.
Dropped shoulder neckline : Type of neckline that falls on the shoulders, either straight or ending in a V, exposing the upper part of the waist and neck. It can be used with some type of elastic strap or it can be kept rigid. It is very flattering and quite striking, ideal for women with generous busts.
Illusion neckline : Round type neckline, which owes its name to the mesh (usually transparent) that covers the neckline, known as netting. It is ideal for women with a high and slim neck, also for women with narrow shoulders. The net that covers the neckline can be mesh, tulle, organza, lace or illusion net covering the chest up to the neck.
sweetheart neckline: It goes from the shoulders to the bust line, ending in a heart beak, and can be smooth or with some type of embroidery or lace. Widely used in romantic models. It is not very suitable for short or short-necked women.
Swan neckline (high neck) : It can start from the upper line of the chest to the highest part of the neck. They can be lace (the most used) thread or rhinestones. Ideal for women with long and slim necks. It is widely used with hair collected or headdresses, to reveal its elegance.
Box neckline (round) : Simple neckline, which marks a curve from the bust line to the shoulders.
Bateau neckline: Neckline that forms a straight line that goes from shoulder to shoulder (following the line of the clavicle), and that leaves the shoulders slightly uncovered. It comes close to the neck and usually goes in the same way both in front and behind the dress. It is good to harmonize and balance the figure. It can go smooth or with some type of thread embroidery or rhinestones. It is a very elegant neckline, simple and quite discreet.
French (square) neckline : Rectangular or square neckline, which fits the bust; It is ideal for women with wide hips and a thin waist, as it highlights the bust by concentrating attention on this point. It is a type of neckline widely used in empire cut dresses.
strapless neckline: Neckline that admits different shapes, from round to V-shaped or heart. It leaves the shoulders bare, so it is ideal for fine and straight shoulders. Used in princess-cut dresses, straight or the well-known A-line dresses. They look great with a scarf or shawl.
V-neckline : Starting from the shoulders, which it leaves slightly uncovered, it goes down to the upper part of the bust, in a V-shape or V. Styles the figures a little wide, highlights the generous busts, and highlights the shoulders.
Princess neckline : Type of neckline that is open at the front, and closed at the back, by means of a small flap.
mandarin neckline: Oriental cut neckline, round, quite closed; It is believed to come from Japanese culture, which greatly stylizes the figure, and is ideal for any type of woman.
Draped neckline : Round or V-neckline, which gives it a certain volume while minimizing details such as a generous bust or a not very stylized neck.
Lace : Mesh fabric, loops or openwork, with flowers, figures or other work, which is made with bobbins, a sewing or hook needle, etc., or by machine. Mesh fabric, laces or openwork with work, made with bobbins, sewing needle, crochet, or mechanically.


Fashion : Who is up to date in matters of style or fashion.
Fashion blogger : People who write about fashion.
Fashionista : Fashion fanatic
Plush : Fabric of silk, cotton, etc., having hair on the bundle.
Foulard : it is a scarf for the neck, generally of a fine fabric.


Chiffon : transparent and light fabric made of silk, rayon or thread.
Gazar : It is a type of fabric, woven in uniform silk, regular warp and weft, with plenty of body and semi-transparent. It is similar to organza, but thicker and a bit rigid (stiff).


Haute Couture : (Haute Couture in French) or Alta Moda (in Italian) refers to the creation of clothing tailored to each client. These are generally garments made of high-quality, high-priced fabric, sewn with attention to detail and finish. Sometimes it can also be considered as a type of fine art, at the same level as sculpture, painting, music, etc…
Hippy chic : It is the fashion of the 70s, updated. In such a way that you do not look scruffy, but rather like a stylish hippie, the favorite of Sienna Miller or Kate Moss.
Hit : The last thing to take from whatever. (Music, clothes, makeup, etc.).
Shoulder pads: pads that are placed inside the jackets to enhance the shoulders. They had their peak in the 80s.


In : It’s the latest in fashion, what’s on today, and what everyone is talking about.
Interlock : Single, double knit fabric that looks the same on both sides.
It Girl : In recent years, we have seen these types of girls posing and working for different clothing brands. An It Girl is a girl who is not a model nor does she work for this, but simply because of her pretty face and her good body, she works as a model for clothing brands.
Empire : it is a type of cut in the suit or dress, with a high waist and a very low-cut short body and short sleeves, with a straight and loose skirt. The typical cut of baby doll dresses.


Jacquard : Fabric woven on jacquard looms whose movement creates elaborate patterns. Used for fashion garments; it is also basic in decoration in the form of upholstery, brocades and damasks for tablecloths.
Jogger: it is a hybrid pants between the sweatpants and the baggy pant.
Jeans : jeans
Jeggins : Leggings that imitate a jean.
Jumpsuit : Long leg jumpsuit


Kitten heel : fine and low heel.


Lamé : Fabric woven with shiny threads, especially gold or silver, similar to the old lama (gold or silver fabric in which the threads of these metals form the fabric and shine through its beam without going to the reverse side).
Liberty : flower print. It was created by Arthur Lasenby Liberty in 1939 in London. An ambassador brand for this pattern is Cacharel, for example.
LBD : “little black dress” or short black dress.
Lookbook : Catalog with images of clothes that are trending


Mary Jane – Low-heeled shoes with a strap that fastens across the instep and closed in front. They are typical girl’s shoes.
Moiré : Strong fabric that forms water, and that can be made of cotton, wool or silk.
Muslin : Cotton, silk, wool, etc., fine and not very dense fabric. Very fine and not very dense fabric.
Mohair : Fabric made from the hair of the Angora goat, widely used in making jackets and sweaters. Its main characteristics is that it is very soft and shiny.
Matelassé : Cotton fabric that imitates padding, and is used to make dresses.
Mule : Footwear open at the back, what we used to call clogs, but without the need for them to have a wooden sole.
Must-have : Those garments or accessories that become essential in each season and that we should all have because fashion gurus tell us so-impose.
Minimalist : Basic elements without frills or accessories.
Missoni : Zig zag print.


Nainscok : Muslin-type fabric, made of cotton fiber, fine and that can be striped or smooth. He is of Indian origin.
Nude : Literally means naked. In fashion it is used to name the pink tones that imitate the color of the skin.


Out: We use this term when we talk about a fashion that has passed and that you should not wear if you want to look fashionable.
Outfit : set (of clothes).
Organdy : Very fine and transparent white cotton fabric. White, very fine and transparent muslin that has received a sizing.
Ottoman : Corded fabric used mainly for women’s dresses. Silk, cotton or worsted fabric, which forms a small horizontal cord.
Organza : Light silk or cotton fabric, transparent and semi-rigid, finer than muslin,
used especially for making women’s clothing.
oxfords:Ideal fabric for shirts, this soft and porous taffeta weave fabric is generally made with combed cotton threads.
Oversize : Oversized clothing or accessories


Sequins : Sequins.
Print :
Palazzo print: Wide trousers in which the leg widens as it reaches the ankle.
Prêt-à-porter : Words that come from French and that do not mean anything more than ready to wear. This type of clothing is often seen in brands and in online stores such as Zara or H&M
Peep-toe : Closed shoes open in front (“peephole for the fingers”) that show toes.
Personal shopper : personal image assistant whose services, to accompany and guide you in purchases and advise you, are no longer reserved for movie stars and music only.
Preppy: It is said that this look, the Preppy, was established in the 70s in high society and became a clear identification of an environment, a way of thinking and a way of life. It currently refers to conservative-style clothing and accessories brands.
Piqué : Cotton fabric with various types of work, used in clothing and other
things. Cotton fabric that forms grain or another type of embossed work.
Corduroy : Ribbed pile fabric that comes in various weights and weaves. Although it is widely used for
clothing, it is also used for decoration.
Percale : White or painted cotton fabric more or less fine, of low price.
stamped and finished with a certain shine.
pleated: Fabric that has been treated with caustic soda to shrink part of the fabric that remains smooth in contrast to the rest that preserves folds.
Poplin : Also known as poplin. Very high thread count fabric, has a fine
ribbing on the surface due to a finer thread in the warp than in the weft.


Satin : Lustrous silk fabric, with more body than taffeta and less than velvet.
Rayon : Fabric made with a rayon filament (a textile filament obtained artificially and whose
properties are similar to those of silk). Artificial silk. Regenerated fiber of absolute or primordial cellulose origin.
Radium : Fine silk on a smooth weave with some sheen. It has more body than a light crepe, but is softer than taffeta.
Retro : Used to refer to a style that looks to the past, drawing inspiration from earlier times.
Roller up : Jeans with a lower hem, eighties style.
Romper : Short leg jumpsuit.


Sneaker : A sports shoe.
Shorts : Shorts.
Satin : Silk fabric very similar to satin.
Shangtung : Virgin silk fabric, with a lot of body, thick texture and shine, similar to other oriental fabrics such as pongé, habutai, honan or corah.
Twill : Flat woven fabric that is identified by the diagonal lines on the face of the fabric, ideal for pants. Fabric whose weave forms lines. Woolen or worsted fabric, whose weave forms diagonal lines.
Seersucker : (Sirsoker): Also called a sirsoker. Light cotton fabric with wrinkled stripes and flat stripes obtained by alternating tension and looseness in the warp threads.
overlays: Putting several clothes on top of each other but with style so that all the ones you are wearing are appreciated and the look is curious.
Street style : literally the style of the street. The outfits of ordinary people, basically.
Stilettos : Shoes with a minimum of ten to twelve centimeters of heel. (Spike heel).
Skinny jeans : Very tight or skinny jeans.
Skorts : Shorts that look like a short skirt.
Strapless : Type of neckline that does not have straps, and leaves the shoulders exposed. It can be strapless, heart-shaped neckline…
Strass : Decoration in the form of diamonds.
Stretch: Tight. It is used to say that a garment is tight or tight to the body.


Trench coat: Trench coat. A piece of information: it was created in the 1920s by Thomas Burberry, who made it an essential classic.
Moles/moles : Polka dots that a garment may have.
Trendy : Something that is in fashion (I think it has replaced the old “cool”),
Tweed : It is the wool of the Scottish lamb, also the cloth that is made with this wool. Widely used in suits and winter clothing.
T-shirt : t-shirt.
Jacket suit : Definition from the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy: Straight-cut female outfit consisting of a jacket and matching skirt or pants.
Taffeta : A thin, very dense silk fabric.
Tulle: Thin and transparent fabric of silk, cotton or thread, which forms a mesh,
generally in octagons. Thin and transparent fabric of silk, cotton or thread, of
polygonal meshes.
Velvet : Hairy and dense silk fabric, formed by two warps and a weft, or the one with a very similar appearance.
Tufted: Thread applied in the form of curls to a woven fabric, oilcloth or other type of substrate. The machines used for this process have multiple needles and are mainly used for rugs and rugs.
Tartan : It is a characteristic wool fabric that goes into squares or crisscrossed lines of various colors, which are generally widely used by the Scots.
tuxedo: The men’s half-tie suit (you can see more information in our section on dress code), black jacket and lapels, generally silk, black vest and black bow tie (bow tie).
Twill : It is a fabric that forms a diagonal line, visible from the right side of the fabric.
Twists : This is the name given to fabrics made with very twisted threads, which give it a lot of resistance; Given this resistance characteristic, they are usually used in quality garments and in the manufacture of quality suits for gentlemen.
Tricotine : Type of fabric, very similar to gabardine, woven in double twill and worsted, peculiar for being a highly resistant and durable fabric.
total look: Dress from top to bottom from the same brand or when you are dressed in the same color.
Tank top : T-shirt with thick straps.
Tie dye : Gradient print.
Trench : Waterproof coat that reaches the knee, hip or waist


Vicuña : Fabric made with the wool of this animal (ruminant mammal the size of a goat, which it resembles in general configuration, but with a longer and upright neck, rounder head and no horns, pointed and straight ears, and very long legs. Live: It is a ribbon, cord or braid that is placed on the edges or seams of dresses. Mink: Garment of clothing, made from the skin of this animal (mammal). otter-like butcher, with toes more than halfway joined by a membrane, feeds on all manner of small animals, inhabits North America, and is prized for
its fur
. )
Slimy: Synthetic fabric made of a kind of rayon, from a cellulose raw material, widely used in fabrics for the home or industry.
Velours : Very short pile velvet type; It is cut vertically and when crushed in any direction it has a very soft tactile quality (peach skin type).
Vintage : Although it is used to refer to a style, a vintage garment is one that is more than 20 years old.


Whipcord : Thick woolen fabric, with a very dense weave, finished and defined; it is characterized by a marked diagonal line; suits, outerwear and upholstery pieces are usually made (since it supports continuous use very well).
Waffle cloth : It is a woolen fabric, whose main characteristic is that its fabric forms a honeycomb composition.


Zamarra : A kind of jacket made with sheepskin.
Slippers : Light shoe with a very thin sole.
Shoes : Some papyrus sandals in Egypt and dating from 2000 BC. of C. are the most remote antecedent found. The first shoes as such are moccasin type found in Babylon that are 3,600 years old.
Clogs : shoe with a wooden sole.

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