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Fashion design and its influence on society

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Fashion design and its influence on society

Career in fashion design

What do the ancient Egyptians and more modern millennials have in common? No one escapes fashion, not even in ancient times and much less now . Fashion design may seem like a superficial or banal subject, but for centuries it has been an important part of our society and has had a great influence on the culture of each civilization.

This article is designed for you, the fashion enthusiast who is about to finish high school and is considering a career in fashion design. There is nothing better than becoming an expert in the things you are passionate about and our goal is that at the end of this article you will know the great influence of fashion in history and that you will be a little more convinced to study this great career.

A quick review of the history of fashion design

At the beginning of our history, fashion was something inconceivable; the articles of clothing consisted of animal skins that covered the body and had a practical purpose: to protect people from the ravages of the weather. Wearing fur was basically the difference between life and death.

As our ancestors evolved and extreme temperatures stabilized, clothing ceased to be a practical item to become an aesthetic item that conveyed to the world the social class to which you belonged. That is how:

  • T he ancient Egyptians used fabrics such as linen to create many of their garments. Dressing in a certain way was a proof of power and nobility, or on the contrary, it could also represent slavery and poverty.
  • In the Roman civilization having a tailor was a sign of power and wealth and robes could give you information about whether the person was a philosopher, a priest, a warrior, a magistrate or a high dignitary.
  • It was with the Renaissance that fashion design began its path to become what it is today: a profession.

However, it was with the Industrial Revolution that fashion became the concept we know today: those garments, ornaments and accessories that are used in a certain time and context and which can be reproduced in large quantities and put up for sale.

Fashion and its impact on society

Fashion has been present throughout human history and its influence is undeniable for various reasons:

  • The mere fact of “dressing”, of covering our body with garments responds to a social requirement.
  • Dressing in a certain way, with specific garments taken from the fashion of the moment is a ” brand ” that communicates the way in which a person assumes their sex, age, status and their role in society.
  • Fashion and the way of dressing is considered the greatest expression of freedom , especially by societies and governments that considered the imposition and use of certain garments to uniform citizens.
  • Fashion is a reflection of the main moral and aesthetic values ​​of societies. Its impact on modern societies is undeniable and for centuries it has even shaped the way men and women see themselves. Its influence is visible when we analyze the “ideal bodies ” of the 50s and 60s, and compare them with the physical characteristics of the contemporary ideal man and woman.

Judging the subject superficially, fashion and clothing design may seem like an irrelevant topic but it has a deep connection with the development of human societies.

Fashion designers: Profession with social relevance

The fashion designer has a deep social relevance, although his day to day is related to the creation of clothing and decorations for the body or hair. His role is important because through his knowledge and creativity he can imagine, design and produce products that fulfill two purposes:

  • Dress people, protect them from inclement weather and environmental risks.
  • Give people the elements that help them express who they are through their clothes: what they like and what their beliefs are.

Being a fashion designer allows you to become a creator of universes, small worlds that are expressed through fabrics, shapes and colors, and this is the reason why designers today can be as famous, influential and praised as any public figure in politics, music, cinema or television and art in general.

Fashion designers are key professionals who could develop new ways to create comfortable and useful clothing with materials that have a positive impact on environmental conservation. This is why a career in fashion design has become a career option for today’s youth: their work is essential in many ways and has a real impact on today’s society.

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