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I have accumulated a lot of information about new products and launches, I decided to give such information in the form of small collections of news from the world of beauty. I hope you find it interesting.

The Chin Min series from Styx

I’ll start with the most relevant – the Chin Min series from Styx. These funds were originally created for the athletes of the Austrian Olympic team, as an aid to work with tired muscles, soreness, joint pain and, in principle, any problems that create discomfort after training. But in addition to purely sporting purposes, there is also a wider range of tasks that will help solve the funds from this line. In particular, I was interested in the anti-cold effect. Seasonally, so to speak. The blend of essential oils brings relief to both a stuffy nose and a sore throat. You can use Chin Min Lotion to rinse (2-3 drops in half a glass of warm – not too hot! – water) or just put a couple of drops on a sugar cube and dissolve. I checked personally – the nose instantly starts to feel better. Also, these products (lotion and gel and spray) can be used for massage (sports and anti-cellulite), as anti-fatigue and swelling of the legs (in the bath or for massage), and even with herpes or insect bites, lotion can be applied pointwise to reduce itching and relieve inflammation. In general, the phrase “seven troubles – one answer” – could be the slogan of this series.

Head Shoulders presents a new line of products with argon oil in the composition

In addition to the traditional solution for the brand – the fight against dandruff – these products are also aimed at actively moisturizing the hair and scalp. By the way, moisturized hair is electrified much less, which for me, for example, is very, very important. In the mailing list from the brand, there was also a special device that should measure the level of skin hydration. Perhaps I will write about it separately. But I can say that the preliminary measurements made me very upset. And the skin of the face, and the skin of the body (with the exception of perhaps some areas), and the scalp in terms of moisture, I do not even reach the lower limit of the norm.

BIOLAGE RAW products are now presented in Ukraine

This is a brand of the L’Oreal concern, which is based on components of natural origin. And in general, this brand is very eco-friendly, from the ethical sourcing and supply of components, to packaging made from recycled plastic. I still have a lot to tell you about this brand, because at the presentation I managed to win a year’s supply of hair restoration products. In total, the brand has three types of products: – to add volume to thin hair; to restore damaged and dyed hair; – For dry and dull hair. And also a hit, it seems to me, a care product – oil for all types of hair, which can be used as a mist, can be used as a mask (apply it for 15 minutes before washing your hair) or simply enrich with oil conditioner or balm.

Mineral 89 Booster Serum

If you believe the presentation and promises of the manufacturer, then this is a tool that we all simply need. The main and main ingredient of the product is thermal water with all the minerals it contains. The second active ingredient is hyaluronic acid. All this not only maintains hydration, but also restores your skin, even if it is in a very deplorable state. I was very impressed by the experiment at the presentation, when we were shown dry dried apricots, on which this booster serum was applied for 24 hours. The dry surface of dried apricots swelled and became saturated with moisture. They promise that the same will happen with our skin. And the protective film that forms on the skin some time after the application of the product is designed to protect our skin from the effects of harmful environmental factors.

The Ordinary

Well, the last novelty, which seems to be a novelty only for me. I discovered the brand The Ordinary , which, it turns out, everyone has been talking about for quite some time. Moreover, the reviews are contradictory, but it became interesting for me to check these funds for myself. they attracted me with their very simple formulas and overall minimalistic approach to both components and packaging. And also – the fact that, according to some users, they are very effective, due to the high concentration of active substances. For myself, I chose peeling with acids and serum with niacinamide and zinc. Reviews will be coming soon, because I plan to actively use these products in my care.

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